Health News Desk,People do not care about the increasing weight due to eating heavily in winter and then do various experiments to reduce obesity. It is also necessary, because obesity becomes the root of every disease. To get rid of it, people resort to dieting and gym. While some become successful, the hard work of some goes in vain. But there are many people who do not work hard and take shortcuts, run after surgeries and medicines. This gives them short-term results, but in the long run, the side effects of surgery and medications become life-threatening. Because the side effects of weight loss drugs cause problems like gastrointestinal problems, high BP, irregular heartbeat, insomnia, nervousness, vertigo and the side effects of surgery sometimes lead to death. The most troubled by these side effects is the youth group, because a large number of youth and children are becoming obese in our country.

According to the World Obesity Federation, by 2030, one in five women and one in seven men in the world will be obese. That’s why the whole world needs to campaign against it on a war footing. The main reason for this is also that people do not make small changes in everyday life. They will follow the diet completely or sweat it out in the gym. But that enthusiasm is for some time, which gradually starts cooling down and then obesity increases twice as fast. On the other hand, if they reduce 100-200 calories in their daily diet, that is, eat one or two chocolates less and burn only 100-200 extra calories, such as walking for 10-15 minutes, then obesity can be reduced.

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