Health News Desk, Now most of the work is done on laptop and computer only. Almost everyone with a sitting job spends 8 to 9 hours on a laptop screen every day. In such a situation, problems like weak eyesight, pain in the eyes, dark circles under the eyes or redness of the eyes start to occur. If you are troubled by any of these problems, then the measures mentioned here will be useful for you, but even if you do not want to be troubled by any such problem in future, you can adopt these measures in your daily life. ,

What to do for healthy eyes?

Here you are being told some Ayurvedic and home remedies to maintain the health and light of the eyes.
put rose water in the eyes

Refined rose water comes for the eyes, which comes with eye drop nasal. You will get this at any medical store. Put one drop of this rose water in the eyes before sleeping at night.
cow ghee

Cow’s ghee is very good for eyesight. It not only works to keep you healthy in every way, but also increases eyesight.
triphala powder

From cleansing the stomach to improving digestion and boosting metabolism, we all know that Triphala works. But very few people know that eating Triphala also improves eyesight.
eye cleaning

Take water in a mug and dip it in it and wash your eyes. Put the first one in this water and blink the eyelids, that is, keep opening and closing the eyelids inside the water. Do the same process with both eyes and do this once a day for 2 to 3 minutes. It also helps in cleaning the eyes and hydration of the eyes.
walk on the grass

Today’s youth might not be aware that walking barefoot on green grass improves eyesight. What are the medical reasons for this, it is not possible to tell here, but if you walk barefoot on the dew drops lying on the grass every morning, then the eyesight increases.
navel oiling

Applying mustard oil in the navel before sleeping at night gives many benefits to the body. One, by doing this your lips remain soft. Skin becomes better. There is benefit in stomach related problems and there is also benefit in eyesight.

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