Health News Desk, Salt is an essential ingredient in any type of food. Without it we cannot even imagine eating spicy and tangy dishes. Some people like to eat less while some people like to eat more salt in their food. But do you know that due to excessive consumption of salt, you can also get many diseases and your health can also deteriorate. Yes you are listening right. If you also eat more salt than the limit, then be careful, because it has many side effects. Eating food with excess salt can cause many diseases to the body, which can also prove fatal.

An adult person should consume about 2400 mg of salt per day. If you eat more salt than this then it can prove to be harmful. You may not see its effect in the beginning, but in the future, when the amount of salt in your body increases, then you may have to face many problems. Let us know what physical problems can be faced due to excessive consumption of salt.

Side effects of eating too much salt

Heart Failure: Consuming too much salt puts pressure on your blood vessels, which can increase blood pressure and lead to high blood pressure, stroke and heart failure. Although this problem does not occur in those people who eat less salt.

Kidney disease: If you have been eating more salt for a long time, then be careful now. Because it can damage your kidney later. You may face a condition in which the kidney loses its ability to filter water.

Osteoporosis: Excess of sodium in the diet can lead to calcium deficiency in the bones. When you eat a diet high in salt, you are also flushing out less calcium from your body. Due to this the bones become weak and the problem of osteoporosis starts to emerge.

Body swelling: This condition occurs when excessive salt intake causes ‘water retention’ (increased fluid intake) in your body. Because of this, you feel very thirsty after eating salty food. However, when one starts consuming certain foods without salt as well as increases the water intake, the bloating in the body goes away. But even after this, stress is dangerous for your body.

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