Health News Desk,In the winter season, people do not remain active regarding their fitness. Due to which stiffness starts in the body and gradually pain starts in many parts of our body. It has a profound effect on our back and most of the people are affected by back pain. However, according to some reports, women experience more back pain than men.

Bhujangasana is very helpful in relieving unbearable pain and discomfort in the muscles of the back and neck. To do this asana, first of all lie down on the ground. Now bring both the hands equal to the shoulders and turn the palms towards the floor. Now inhale and lift your body upwards with the help of palms and pull backwards.

Margery Asan
Margari posture not only removes the problem of back pain, but it is also very helpful in stretching many parts of the body. Also, by doing this asana, the circulation of blood in the body remains correct. To do this yoga, bend both the knees. Now, while exhaling, bring the head towards the chest and make a round shape by pulling the waist upwards. Then while breathing, move upwards and round the waist inwards.

By doing this yoga, the muscles of the arms and lower back are strengthened. To do this yoga, spread both the legs towards the front. Now bend the head from the waist and try to hold the fingers of the toe with both the hands. During this your knee should be absolutely straight.

By doing this asana, stress and fatigue are reduced. While doing this asana, maximum emphasis falls on the spinal cord, due to which the spinal cord becomes strong. To do this yoga, lie down on the ground on the back and keep both the legs and hands together. Then slowly bend the knees and hold the ankle with the hands. Now while breathing, raise the chest and thighs above the ground and look in front. After staying in this posture for about 15-20 seconds, come back to normal posture. It makes the spine flexible.

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