Health News Desk, In today’s time, diabetes has emerged as a very big disease. Mistaking it for a common disease can be harmful to your health. Actually, once diabetes occurs, it never ends completely. There is no cure for this disease yet, you can control it only through your diet. Actually, diabetes is a disease related to wrong eating and irregular lifestyle, so you have to pay more attention to these things. Diabetes patients do not show any symptoms in the beginning, but there are many small symptoms.

beware of blurred vision
If you are seeing blurred for a few days and you are facing many problems related to the eyes, then this can be the initial step to increase the sugar. Actually, high blood sugar affects the retinal blood vessels, which leads to many problems related to the eyes. Increasing sugar increases the chances of getting cataract.

tingling feet
If your feet suddenly start tingling or your feet become numb, blisters appear on your feet, the skin near your big toe starts getting tight, then high blood sugar can be a big reason behind it.

kidney symptoms
Kidney filters the contaminant and toxic substances from our body. When the problem of blood sugar increases, then its effect starts appearing on our kidney as well. Kidneys have small blood vessels, which get damaged by high blood sugar, increasing the chances of kidney disease.

heart and blood vessels
Our heart and blood vessels also signal high blood sugar. There is a risk of damage to the blood vessels due to diabetes and due to this the chances of heart attack and stroke in the patient increases manifold.

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