Health News Desk, Corona has shown in the last 3 years how deadly a virus can be. Even today, the effect is being seen in the first, second and third wave among the infected people. Patients who remain positive for a long time have more depression, anxiety and heart problems. But a new research has made a shocking claim that the risk of liver damage has increased manifold in people suffering from long Covid. According to research, covid infection increases stiffness in the liver.

By the way, the study of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology says that there are more reports of kidney failure in corona victims. Researchers found that the corona virus not only infects cells by reaching the kidney, but the virus can easily increase its number in these cells. There are about 30 percent liver patients in the country.

Not only the virus for the kidney, people’s ignorance is also becoming a big enemy. In the last 3 years, people who have seen the fierce form of Corona, are so scared of the news of Kovid that they themselves become doctors. Such people start drinking hot water and decoction indiscriminately without advice, which causes burning sensation in the stomach, constipation, acidity..and also affects the special capillary system of the kidney which removes toxins from the body.

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