Health News Desk,Unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits directly affect our health. Due to this we are falling prey to many diseases. One of these diseases is the increase of cholesterol. If the cholesterol level increases, it can cause many problems like stroke, heart attack.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a wax-like substance found in the blood. The body also needs it to keep cells healthy and to make new cells. But when cholesterol level increases then heart attack, stroke etc can happen. Explain that there are two types of cholesterol in the body. One is good cholesterol and the other is bad cholesterol.

symptoms of high cholesterol

1. Okra

Generally most of the people like bhindi. According to research, people who consume okra regularly are less likely to have high cholesterol. Actually, okra is very low in calories and high in soluble fiber, which is essential for a healthy heart. In such a situation, cholesterol can be reduced naturally by its use.

2. Eggplant

In India, people eat brinjal curry or its bharta with great fervor. But did you know that brinjal can reduce the bad cholesterol in your body? Yes, there are many types of nutrients present in it, which are very beneficial for your health.

3. Onion

Most dishes are incomplete without onions. But hardly some people would know that it is considered very beneficial for health. Yes, the fiber present in it helps in reducing cholesterol. You can consume it in the form of salad.

4. Beans

Soluble fiber is found in beans, which increases the good cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, it is a very healthy vegetable for those people whose cholesterol level remains high.

5. Garlic

Apart from removing problems related to the stomach, garlic also helps in reducing the increased cholesterol level in the blood.

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