Health News Desk, Corona is wreaking havoc all over the world. The condition of many countries including China is pathetic. The death rate has increased significantly due to the new variant of Corona in China. Due to which the concern of the scientist has increased. According to the researcher, there is a scene of devastation in China due to the Corona BF.7 variant. It is being said that BF.7 is a variant with mild symptoms, but the problem is that the vaccine given to people in China has reduced its effect on people’s bodies. Due to the Zero Covid policy, people in China have not been able to develop immunity. This is the reason why the death toll in China is so high. According to reports, more people are getting infected by the new variant of Corona XBB.1.5 in America. Along with this, cases of serious diseases are also being seen. While the first case of this new variant has come to the fore in India recently. The scientist believes that if you have to fight against the new variant of Corona, then you do not have to delay at all in taking the booster dose.

Booster dose needed to avoid new variant of Kovid-19

In research on corona at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, scientists claim that there are many benefits of taking booster dose in Kovid 19. Scientists say that many countries need to take booster dose of vaccine fast. By doing this more and more people can be saved from this disease. This disease is causing havoc all over the world. To avoid this, it is necessary that we take booster dose in time.

Booster dose of vaccine can protect against corona infection

The question arises whether the last dose of the vaccine i.e. the booster dose is really effective. To know about this, researchers did research on the mRNA vaccine of Pfizer and Moderna. According to a report published in the scientific journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, booster doses of the vaccine produced stronger and more effective antibodies in people. Because of which it plays an important role in preventing infection.

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