Health News Desk, As much as social media has made people’s life easy, it has also made it difficult. In today’s world, one who does not use social media, is not aware of many happenings going on in the world. There is no doubt that social media has worked to connect people to people, but do you know how much its excessive use damages your mental health? And how does it force you to compare yourself with others? You may not be able to feel it in the glare of social media, but it also has a very bad effect on your health. You don’t even know and you become a victim of stress, anxiety and depression.

Healthline recently conducted a survey. In this survey, 25 percent people believed that social media is having a bad effect on their mental health. While 53 percent said that reducing its use significantly improves mental health. During the worldwide corona epidemic, the number of people suffering from poor mental health had increased to 66 percent. Because most of the people were at home and were using social media more and more. According to ExpressVPN’s 2021 survey, 86 percent of the 1,500 Americans surveyed admitted that social media directly negatively affects their happiness and self-image. While some people confessed to anxiety, loneliness and depression.

Benefits of taking a break from social media

A 2022 cross-national online survey from the US, UK, Australia and Norway found that people who used social media for entertainment or mental health experienced less loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, when we see something on social media that makes us doubt ourselves, we often become a victim of anxiety and tension. We share a post on a social platform and if it gets less likes or someone has severely criticized that post, then we are greatly affected by it. And keep worrying Only one thing goes on in the mind for hours.

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