Health News Desk,Why is it necessary to eat onions with Rajma Chawal or Chole Bhature? Hearing this question, you may find it a lie or a myth for some time. But when I tell you the logic behind it, you will hold your head. Actually, you must have noticed one thing that along with food, we are also given raw onions and green chillies. Be it Chole Bhature or Rajma Chawal or Chaat Pakori, onions and green chillies are served with these things. But have you ever thought about the logic behind it? So let us tell you the reason behind this. In fact, according to the dietician and doctor, eating raw onion with every oily food can prevent the harm caused by oily food to an extent.

That’s why raw onion is eaten

Rajma rice, Chole Bhature or raw onion of oily food is eaten to prevent or control the bad cholesterol and triglyceride produced in the body by this food. The vegetable oil from which Chole Bhature and Rajma rice are made, contains low lipid lipoproteins. They make bad cholesterol. Along with this, the level of triglyceride in the blood also increases. If you eat raw onion with these oily dishes, then you can control it to some extent.

benefits of eating onion in high cholesterol

According to the Food Report of the National Library of Medicine, eating raw onions increases high protein lipoprotein in the body. This also increases good cholesterol. Sulfur is found in onions. Due to which it works to clean the bad cholesterol deposited in the blood vessels. In addition, it also lowers triglyceride levels. High cholesterol can also be avoided by this.

There are many benefits of eating onions after meals.

Along with clearing bad cholesterol, onions also boost digestive enzymes. Due to which metabolism also gets faster. And the food gets digested easily. Apart from this, the antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties found in it are very good for the heart. Along with this, it also works to control sugar.

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