Health News Desk, Cancer has become the most serious disease in the world today. The death toll from this is also quite scary. In the year 2020, there were about one crore deaths due to cancer worldwide. On the other hand, if we talk about India, 159 people are dying every hour due to cancer. On the other hand, Polish researchers told in a study that in the coming time, cancer medicine can be made from vegetables. Researchers have identified such bioactive compounds in plants belonging to the genus Solanum. According to researchers, with the help of this compound, new drugs can be made for the treatment of cancer. This research done on cancer has been published in ‘Journal Frontiers in Pharmacology’.

This research on cancer has been done by researchers from ‘Adam Mickiewicz University’, Poznan, Poland, led by Professor Magdalena Winkiel. Researchers have reviewed bioactive compounds called glycoalkaloids. Please tell that this compound is found in vegetables like tomato, potato. Research has revealed that cancer treatment can be possible with this compound.

Research has shown that glyco alkaloids can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and kill cancer cells. Researchers have studied 5 glycoalkaloid compounds – solanine, solasonine, chaconine, tomatine and solmargin in this research. According to researchers, there are many plants which are poisonous.

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