Health News Desk, To avoid the growing problem of baldness, people are increasingly running towards hair transplant surgery. Due to bad lifestyle and various reasons, nowadays people’s hair has started falling at an early age. Most of the people in India are facing the problem of baldness. And as the hair keeps falling, so does the self-confidence. Many people also shy away from meeting people because of baldness. To get rid of this hesitation, many people decide to undergo hair transplant surgery. However, in the recent past, many such cases related to hair transplant have come to the fore, in which people have also died. Due to these deaths, serious concern has arisen among many people about hair transplant.

People who believe in hair transplantation are also in the circle of doubts. Whereas hair transplant is an easy and safe procedure. However, like any surgery, hair transplantation also requires expertise. In this procedure, a person’s own hair is transplanted. Hair remains intact on the back of the head of a bald person. The back of the head is usually never completely bald. This part of the head is also called the ‘donor area’. When a hair transplant is performed, hair is often taken from the back or side of the head and planted in areas where baldness occurs.

However, if there is no hair on the back or sides of the head, body hair is used. People’s beard, chest, stomach hair or even pubic hair are also used in this process. For body hair transplant, it is most important that the surgeon is expert in this work and the clinic is better.

False facts about hair transplant

Myth-1 Hair transplant can cause cancer and can cause damage to the eyes or damage to any part of the brain.

Myth-2 Hair transplant is a very painful procedure.

Myth-3 Hair transplant looks very artificial.

Myth-4 Hair transplant does not last long.

Myth-5 Only men can get transplant done.

Myth-6 Only rich people can afford hair transplant.

All the myths mentioned above are wrong, which often run in people’s mind regarding hair transplantation. It neither causes cancer nor is it a painful process. If hair transplant is done from a good place then it lasts for a long time. Along with men, women can also undergo hair transplant. It is safe for both. Hair transplant results are not available immediately. It may take 10-12 months to see the results. Keep in mind that no hair transplant can give you the density you naturally had.

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