Health News Desk, Increase in uric acid has become a new common problem in today’s lifestyle. Means such a problem, which has been taken for granted that it will happen. However, believing this will not reduce the health problems caused by increasing uric acid, nor will the diseases be left behind. We should take care of the amount of uric acid in our body. Because increased uric acid can trigger problems like blood pressure and diabetes. When these problems occur, they have a very bad effect on digestion and metabolism. However, with some easy home remedies and a good lifestyle, you can avoid the problem of increased uric acid and if you have this problem, then you can also control it.

Why is there a problem of high uric acid?

When uric acid increases, it also has a bad effect on metabolism, but metabolic rate is not well before, it is also the main reason for increasing uric acid. That is, if you want to avoid the problem of high uric acid, then keep the metabolism right.
People who are not physically active also have the problem of high uric acid.
If you don’t get the right amount of protein and fat in your diet, that is, too much protein and not enough healthy fats, you can still have uric acid build-up.
Late night dinner and heavy dinner. After this don’t walk and go to sleep straight away. Uric acid increases due to all these reasons.
Not having a fixed time to sleep and wake up and not getting proper sleep every day.
You can avoid the problem of high uric acid. For this, remove all the above mentioned wrong habits from your life. Bad habits are being called because they make you ill.

What to do in case of uric acid problem?

If you have the problem of high uric acid, then you can control it completely, that too by adopting very cheap Ayurvedic remedies…

Plant Giloy vine at home so that you can use its fresh twigs daily.
Soak its fresh leaves and stems in a glass of water overnight.
Cut them finely in the morning and boil them in this water and when the water remains half, filter it and drink it.
You can use one and a half to two inch stem daily.

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