Health News Desk, Nowadays most of the people in the country are suffering from diabetes due to irregular lifestyle and wrong eating habits. The disease of sugar does not leave behind throughout life. In such a situation, you should not become a victim of this disease, so it is very important to control your blood sugar. If sugar is not controlled in time, then your body will become home to many diseases. According to some surveys, there are about 14 crore people in the country whose eyesight is weak, the main reason for which is the increase in the sugar level in the body.

Make juice by mixing these 3 things
You can make this homemade juice by grinding 1 cucumber, 2 bitter gourds and 3 tomatoes together. Cucumber is rich in fiber, vitamins and potassium, which helps in controlling blood sugar by increasing the amount of insulin in the body. On the other hand, due to its acidity, bitter gourd is very effective in controlling blood sugar. It contains elements like potassium, vitamins A, B, C as well as riboflavin which give strength to the beta cells of the pancreas. Due to which the right amount of insulin starts being produced in the body. Apart from vitamins and antioxidant properties in tomatoes, purine is also found in plenty, which is very beneficial in blood sugar. Put all the three things in a grinder and extract their juice. After this, consume it every morning on an empty stomach. If you want, you can use lemon for taste. By drinking this juice, your blood sugar level will become normal. But do not forget to do the right diet and exercise along with it.

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