Health News Desk, Due to cold, we all often get throat complaints or problems like cold and phlegm. Winter shows its effect not only in terms of eating and drinking, but even a slight mistake in wearing clothes. In such a situation, hot water plays a very important role in our daily life, which not only protects us from the bad effects of cold but also protects us from the corona virus. If used properly, hot water works to reduce the load of covid virus inside the body, due to which the infection gets cured quickly.

How to use hot water?
To avoid diseases in the winter season, you have to use hot water in three ways and use it regularly. How does hot water protect against viruses?

After returning home from work or whenever you come home from marketing etc. wash your face with lukewarm water and wash your hands and feet with it.
By doing this, whatever germs may have come in contact with your skin from the open parts of the body, they will be completely washed away.
Gargle with warm water at the beginning of the day in the morning and at night before going to bed. By doing this, the load of virus inside the body is reduced. ie if you
Even if you come in contact with an infected person, the virus enters the body only through your nose and throat. In such a situation, if you gargle with warm water, then the virus does not increase much.
If you use a mask, even after coming in contact with an infected person, a limited amount of virus can enter your body, this is called reducing the virus load and when you go home and gargle, the virus also increases. Is. If you can’t, it helps prevent infection.
right way to drink hot water

When you are advised to drink hot water, it does not mean that whenever you have to drink water throughout the day, you should consume only hot water. Do not do this at all. Because excess of everything is bad and consumption of too much hot water also harms the body.
If you want to drink water after eating food, then you should consume only lukewarm water. With this, food is digested quickly and metabolism is also fine.
Even when you come from outside and you have to drink water, you should drink lukewarm water. But while going out of the house, mix fresh water in lukewarm water in such quantity that the temperature of the water becomes normal and then drink it. Because after drinking hot water, the body temperature will increase and when you go out in the cold, the effect of cold and heat can bother you.

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