Health News Desk, It cannot be said when and which disease will strike a person. Our unhealthy lifestyle and wrong eating habits affect our body. Due to which we struggle with many diseases related to lifestyle. One of these diseases is kidney stone. Gout is known as Vatrakta in Ayurveda. Nowadays the problem of stones has increased a lot among people. In this disease, there is pain and swelling in the small joints of the body. If its patients are negligent, later on, swelling and red sores occur in the joints. That’s why people who have a complaint of stone, they should be careful in their food and drink. Also, eliminate some of these foods from your diet. Because these foods increase arthritis.

These are the symptoms of kidney stone
pain while urinating
going to the toilet frequently
severe abdominal pain
loss of appetite
get fever
don’t eat these things
excessive use of salt
Do not use too much salt in food. Eating more salt increases the problem of kidney stones. Actually, eating more salt increases the amount of calcium in the urine, due to which the risk of stone formation increases manifold.

cold drink intake
Most of the stone patients are troubled by the problem of dehydration. In such a situation, their patients should stay away from things like cold drinks and caffeine. The acid present in cold drinks increases the risk of stone formation, while caffeine is harmful to the body.

avoid non veg
Protein is found in abundance in non-vegetarian foods like meat, fish and eggs. Which is not at all beneficial for kidney stone patients. If there is a problem of stone in the kidney, then the amount of protein in your food should always be kept low.

Tomatoes are used in most things in the kitchen. It has high amount of oxalate. In this case, stone patients should not consume tomatoes. If you still feel like eating it, then remove its seeds while using it.

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