Health News Desk,We all have become so engrossed in the run-of-the-mill life that we have forgotten to stop and live life. As a result, after some time the body gets tired and gives up. If you also feel constantly tired. Smile does not come on the face even after wishing. It seems that the energy in the body is not the same as before, so be careful. Because if not today then tomorrow its effect is going to fall directly on your mind. Because according to a study people are getting tired due to work load.

But many times people hide it even after knowing about it. Because of this even a normal life cannot be lived. Along with misinformation, myths also prevent treatment. Epilepsy is one such disease. The condition is that about one crore people in India are victims of epileptic seizures. According to WHO — 50 million people in the whole world are victims of epilepsy. Actually, epilepsy is a neurological disorder. The special thing is that the epileptic patient who feels ashamed, it is sometimes due to head injury, sometimes meningitis, infection, brain tumor, brain, etc. This happens.

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