Health News Desk, Be it after marriage or if you are in a relationship with someone, your friend will always ask you a question. Everyone must go through this question once. Actually, you must have heard in your friend circle or elsewhere that when women bleed. Many people have also been seen doubting the character of women like this. Because it has become a belief that if women do not bleed, it means that they have had a relationship with someone before, but it is not so at all. This is not the scale to name a woman. Today we will tell you through our article whether it is a myth or there is some truth in it.

What is hymen?

The hymen is a thin part of the skin. If your hymen is already broken, it means you are not a virgin.

How does the hymen break?

The hymen can break for many reasons, such as horse riding, participating in sports, using tampons, etc. You may not even know that your hymen is broken.

Does it hurt when the hymen breaks?

It is just a myth that there is pain when the hymen breaks. Nothing like this happens.

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