Health News Desk, Many people sleep with their smartphone next to their pillow. This is mostly done by people who use the smartphone while lying on the bed or use the smartphone till late at night. For these people, having a charging port near the bed is no less than a boon. There is no doubt that using the phone before sleeping is harmful. It doesn’t make for a good sleep, but how good is it to sleep with it next to your head? Do we get affected by having a phone nearby? In today’s news, we will know about it in detail.

if you open your eyes in the middle of the night

Many times it has been seen that when people sleep keeping the phone close to them and the eyes open in the middle, then the phone becomes the reason for spoiling the sleep. In fact, most people wake up several times during the night. In such a situation, when he tries to sleep again, he feels like running his phone. Then a lot of time is wasted in social media scrolls. The light of the phone signals to your brain and body that it is time to sleep. This makes you sleepy.

Are there any health problems as well?

Now the question is related to the effect on health of sleeping by keeping the phone in parallel. People have been worried about the radiation emanating from electronics for a long time. Is there any truth in these concerns? Smartphones facilitate communication by transmitting radio waves through a network of antennae. These radio waves, also called radio frequency waves, are actually an electromagnetic field. NTP has done a study on keeping the smartphone nearby. The US National Toxicology Program (NTP) published the results of a 2018 and more recent study. They found an increased risk of abnormal heart tumors in male rats, but not in female rats. The NTP study also reported increased risks of certain types of tumors in the brain.

Will you keep it close to sleep or not?

Nothing like this was revealed in the earlier study. There was a long debate about studies. Unfortunately, scientists have not been able to reach the final result. Because of this, no clear answer has been found about the effects of sleeping with the phone near you. However, it is sure that there is definitely no benefit from this. It was also revealed in a report that harmful radiation comes out from mobile phones, which can harm your brain. This can lead to headache, muscle pain and other health problems. We believe you’re with your phone all day, so why not give it some space at night? There is no advantage in sleeping keeping the phone next to the bed, but yes it has its disadvantages. In such a situation, it is better to keep it away and sleep.

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