Health News Desk, Nowadays people take different measures for fitness. Some are going to the gym and some are eating less food. There are some people who fall asleep only after eating fruits for dinner. But they do not know that doing so is very dangerous for health. Now you must be thinking that how can fruit cause harm? Nutritionist Juhi Kapoor has shared this information on her Instagram account. In this post, he has told that eating any food without thinking only causes harm. Some people are eating only fruits in dinner which is not good for them.

Why should not eat fruits at night
Nutritionist Juhi Kapoor tells that if you are eating fruits for dinner, then do not do so at all. He says that dinner should be light and balanced. That’s why try to take only things like Pulav, Khichdi, Oatmeal and Millet Dosa in dinner. Ghee is poured over these things for the amount of protein. These are complete foods that should be eaten. He told that there are some people who start eating only fruits to lose weight, doing so should always be avoided.

dangerous to eat fruit at night
Eating fruits at night and sleeping does not satisfy the hunger of the body. Eating only fruits in dinner does not provide the necessary nutrients for the body to function smoothly and there may be deficiency of many nutrients in the body. Not consuming enough protein is also not good as it is essential for building muscles. Not consuming healthy fats can make it difficult to keep joints healthy and improve hormonal function. Fruits alone do not provide enough energy and hair also starts falling. Not only this, it can also make the skin dry, dull and lifeless. Bones can also be badly damaged. Bones become weak by eating only fruits at night.

what to eat at night
Nutritionist Juhi Kapoor told that dinner should be balanced. Our ancestors also followed a similar diet. Traditional food at night is beneficial. Coming to fruits, it is a mid-meal and not a main meal, so only avoid it and focus on these options at night.

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