Health News Desk, Diabetes is such a problem that increases the risk of many serious diseases including loss of eyesight, kidney problem, heart attack, it is not us but the report of the World Health Organization (WHO). So far no permanent solution has been found for sugar. However, type 2 diabetes can be controlled with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Most of the diabetic patients take care of their diet, but forget the most important thing, that is skin care. This neglect becomes very heavy in the winter season. Sometimes bathing with hot water can also prove to be harmful for the skin. Skin problems in sugar patients can lead to conditions like depression and stress. It is a big question for the patients of sugar whether bathing with hot water will not harm them. Today we have brought answers to some such questions…

Skin problems may increase
Diabetic patients have to face many skin related problems like yellowing of skin, redness, cracking of skin, skin infection, darkening of skin etc. In winters, hot water will provide warmth, but it will only aggravate these skin problems. In such a situation, try not to take a bath with boiling water.

hot water can cause swelling
The skin of sugar patients swells when they take a bath with hot water in the winter season. This causes redness on their skin. This makes them feel itchy. In such a situation, if there is a scratch on the skin, then the skin peels off. The skin of diabetic patients is very sensitive, even a small cut becomes a big wound and it also takes time to heal.

This will damage the skin
Bathing with hot water daily in winters tends to lose the natural balance of skin moisture. The balance of natural oils, fats and proteins that keep your skin healthy also starts to deteriorate. In such a situation, instead of taking a bath with hot water, one should take a bath with fresh water only.

risk of nerve damage
Taking a dip in a hot water jacuzzi or bathtub in winter increases the risk of nerve damage in diabetic patients. This may reduce the sensitivity of their feet to hot or cold water. Think of it this way, the sensation of heat and cold on the skin of your feet will start to subside. In such a situation, putting feet in hot water can burn the coin and blisters can also occur.

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