Health News Desk, In such a situation, people consume a lot of dry fruits like cashews, pistachios, almonds and walnuts during the winter season. But hardly anyone would include dates in their daily routine. But let us tell you that dates full of nutritious properties are considered many times more beneficial for health.

1. For blood pressure

According to health experts, regular intake of dry dates in winter keeps blood pressure under control. For this, take out the kernels of two or three dates and boil them in milk. After this, consume it in the morning before breakfast or before sleeping at night. By doing this your blood pressure will be under control.

2. Digestion
The digestive system becomes very slow in cold weather, due to which people start having acidity and heartburn after eating anything. In such a situation, if you regularly consume only two dates, then your digestion will be correct.

3. Immune System
Dates are considered very beneficial for increasing immunity. It works to strengthen immune cells. Boiling two dates in milk and drinking it daily will improve your immunity.

4. Cold and Flu
Due to the change of weather, the problem of cold and cold surrounds people very quickly. If it is not cured quickly, symptoms like headache, fever and weakness also start to be felt. In such a situation, if you consume two dates daily, then your body will remain warm and problems like cold and flu will not bother you.

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