Health News Desk, Winter has started in North India. People are finding the weather very pleasant. People are enjoying this weather a lot. However, people are very confused about one thing that what kind of water should be bathed in winter? Whether the water is cold or hot. While some people like to take bath with very hot water, some people take bath with cold water only, but it is important for you to know some things related to it. It is said that the way you bathe determines the health of your heart in winters. Yes, too much difference in temperature outside and inside the house strains the heart anyway. Due to cold blood vessels get constricted and BP increases.

Actually, when we come in contact with cold water in winter, our first reaction is that our hands get goosebumps. In such a situation, we should keep distance from it. Our body reacts to the emergency and sends blood circulation into a high gear. Your heart starts pumping blood faster to protect your vital organs and to prevent circulation near your skin. So, it lowers your tremors.. although it puts more strain on the heart. Sudden decrease in body temperature with cold water is accompanied by an increase in peripheral vascular resistance. This condition rapidly elevates the blood pressure, which can lead to the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Disadvantages of bathing with cold and hot water

Health experts believe that taking a sudden bath with cold water can put people suffering from heart disease at great risk. Cold water causes the body to go into shock, causing the blood vessels in the skin to constrict and the blood flow to slow down, and the heart to beat faster to pump blood to the body. Many times such cases have come to the fore in which the patient has brain stroke with high blood pressure due to cold water bath.. In this case you should avoid taking bath with very cold water.. with hot water only. , In cold days, if you suddenly take a hot bath, the BP can drop rapidly, causing the heart to get stressed again and this can have serious consequences.

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