Health News Desk, Now that winter is at its peak, people adopt various measures to avoid it. In which mostly bonfire, stove and heater are used. But do you know that using them in a closed room can prove to be fatal for you? Therefore, if you also do this in your home, then be careful now.

What happens when the coal and the heater are lit?
Burning coal or wood in the fireplace releases many toxic gases, which are not good for your health. Not only stoves, room heaters and blowers also produce poisonous gas in closed rooms. Burning of heater, blower or fireplace in a closed room reduces oxygen in the room and increases carbon monoxide.

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By dissolving this carbon in the blood, it gradually reduces oxygen, due to which the level of hemoglobin starts decreasing. This can also lead to the death of a person. On the other hand, in a closed room, if the blower or heater is on for a long time, the temperature of the room increases and the humidity decreases.

keep this in mind
If you use a blower or heater, do it only for a short time
Use bonfire, heater or blower only when there is ventilation in the house.
don’t sleep near the fire
do not sleep on the ground by lighting a fire
If more people are sleeping in the room then the oxygen level decreases rapidly.
If someone cooks food on the stove, it should be extinguished properly before sleeping.
Breath and kidney patients should not use stove at all.
You can also get sick if you suddenly leave a warm room, so stay away from the heater for a while, then go outside.

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