Health News Desk,Breast cancer is one of the biggest causes of cancer death. Dr. Arun Kumar Giri, director of Aakash Hospital and Surgical Oncology, is telling that breast cancer can recur even after being cured. Dr Arun Kumar says, “Contrary to popular belief, breast cancer affects both men and women.

Breast cancer can occur even after recovery
The most common type is cancer recurrence in the breast – the affected area of ​​the breast is cut out during treatment and the cancer often comes back later in the remaining area. Therefore, be alert to the appearance of lumps, changes in the skin of the breast, or red spots in the breasts. Another type of breast cancer return is a growth around the breasts, such as in the neck or armpit. Changes in the neck, collarbone and underarms should be monitored continuously. The third type is the growth of cancer in any other part of the body. Sudden weight loss, increased phlegm, loss of appetite, etc. symptoms should be shown to the doctor immediately after complete recovery.
make lifestyle changes
Along with this, another question arises that how can breast cancer be prevented from recurring. The chances of its return can be minimized through balance and discipline in lifestyle and eating habits. To keep stress or tension in life to a minimum, proper rest time should be maintained between sleep and work. Along with this, yoga and exercise should be made an integral part of the lifestyle so that the body’s immunity is ready to fight any danger. Excess oil and chili-spices and fast food should be completely avoided.

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