Health News Desk, Chronic pain or injury often gets worse on cold days. For most of the elderly, the winter season brings many problems. But many times the problem of pain increases not only because of the weather but also because of your diet. Often many people have problems with inflammation and pain in arthritis. But you need to solve this problem in time. Otherwise, this pain and swelling increases with time. Because of this even walking becomes difficult. Let us tell you that along with lifestyle, it is very important to take special care of diet. Include healthy things in the routine so that you are always healthy. So, today we will tell you in this article that what kind of things you should consume in arthritis or joint pain, so that pain never bothers you even in winter.

Arthritis-joint pain has troubled in winter

There are many types of arthritis, of which osteoarthritis is the most common. Similarly, the problem of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis is considered as an autoimmune disease. According to health experts, certain foods and beverages can increase the inflammation, swelling, and pain of arthritis. If these things are not taken care of and their consumption continues, then it increases the risk of severity of its symptoms in people suffering from arthritis. You also have to take care of the amount of salt in your food. According to researchers, consuming a diet high in sodium can increase the risk of arthritis inflammation and autoimmune diseases. To avoid complications of arthritis, it is also advised to reduce the amount of salt in the diet.

These habits can give rise to the problem of arthritis

If you have arthritis problem and you consume alcohol then it can be very fatal for health. Studies have found that the frequency and severity of gout attacks may be higher in people who consume alcohol. Apart from this, eating fast food outside is also harmful in arthritis pain. Include only healthy things in the routine. Also avoid eating fried food from outside. Include things in your diet only after talking to the doctor in arthritis and joint pain. Most of the elders have to face pain during the winter season, due to which they also have to face difficulty in walking. But by taking care of some things, you can reduce the problem of your arthritis.

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