Health News Desk,Leafy green vegetables, colorful fruits, things made of oil, ghee-cheese and various spices no doubt tempt you, but before eating anything, definitely check once. Because along with cooking and polishing vegetables and fruits, chemicals are added to increase their size so that big profits can be made. On the other hand, if you look carefully, you can see adulteration in chili-spices and oil-ghee-cheese, which spoils the liver-kidney and stomach. It also gives problems like ulcers, colitis and piles in the intestines. While we all know that good diet is the basis of good health and only then we take green vegetables, fruits, milk, curd and dry fruits. But along with this adulterated poison also reaches our body.

Due to this many times the problem of allergy also starts. Because when adulterated things enter the body, our immune system reacts and sometimes it turns into an allergy. In such a situation, due to allergies, he is unable to digest even pure things, like some people get rashes and itching on the skin after eating milk and cheese, while some people have stomach pain. Many people get stomach upset after eating adulterated food. So come meet Yogguru Swami Ramdev, who removes adulterated poisons accumulated in the intestines, detoxifies the body and starts practicing yoga to improve digestion.

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