Jun 6, 2018

हर व्यक्ति को कितनी भाषा आनी चाहिये- जरुर जाने

How many languages should each person have

Hello friends
Today I'm going to talk about how many languages should every person

And what are the benefits of this,

There is nothing to lose,

So start,
Every country is made up of the state, and together with the country, the whole earth is formed,
And we all reside in this earth,
Every person needs a part of some state,

What is the language?

Language is the medium of keeping your point,

Every person should know at least two languages,
And those who have studied must have three languages,

What kind of language do you go to,
The language of your terraces, where we live, is the language spoken in the state, by which we can understand our state well,

The language of our country, if we continue to know the language of our country, then we can move around in the entire country,
Everyone can understand better,

The language of the entire earth, if you want to understand the world, then you should understand the language of the entire world, like English,

What will happen if you do not know the language of your country,
This will make the country vulnerable, even in a country, knowing its language is a big problem,

If you do not know the language of your country, it will be difficult to understand another state except your state,

Wise thing,
If the main person of the country does something in the language of his country, then every person can be easily understood by asking without asking anyone,
If the same thing has to be known in any case, then he will ask somebody,
But the person's price will definitely change,
If you want your state, your country, and the whole world, you must have this three language
By Yogendra Dhirhe
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